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IGEL Thin Client Collection Service

WEEE-Nummer: DE 79295479

IGEL offers immediate, cost-free (member states of the European Union and USA only), and easy redemption service for IGEL thin clients purchased after 15th of August 2005 for the European Union and after 31th of May 2017 for the USA.

To benefit from our IGEL Thin Client Collection service please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a Collection date with you.

Our R2 certified partner for the Thin Client redemption in the USA is:

4763 Distribution Dr.
Tampa, FL 33605

Phone: 813-284-0770, 813-284-0778

Notice regarding customer data

We recommend three methods of data sanitization:

1. Clear

Usage of software or hardware products to overwrite storage space on the media with non-sensitive data. The security goal of the overwriting process is to replace written data with random data.

Many disk wiping software exist and are available as freeware, shareware or commercially available software. The method used to erase data securely must be evaluated against the sensitivity of the data and the likelihood of an attempt to recover the data.

Overwriting cannot be used for media that are damaged or not rewriteable.

2. Purge

A common form of purging used for magnetic media sanitization is electromagnetic degaussing, whereby a degausser produces a build-up of electrical energy to create a magnetic field that removes the data from the device when discharged.

Degaussing can be an effective method for purging damaged or inoperative media, for purging media with exceptionally large storage capacities, or for quickly purging diskettes.

3. Physical Destruction

Disintegration, Pulverization, Melting, and Incineration: These sanitization methods are designed to completely destroy the media. They are typically carried out at an outsourced metal destruction or licensed incineration facility with the specific capabilities to perform these activities effectively, securely, and safely.

When material is disintegrated or shredded all residues must be reduced to nominal edge dimensions of five millimeters (5 mm) and surface area of twenty-five square millimeters (25 mm²).

IGEL Technology is not liable for any lost or confidential data, software and other information subject to respective data protection laws.

Please note: Failure to delete your data could result in third parties gaining access to it. Deleting data from the operating system or formatting system memory to wipe data are not sufficient to ensure complete and permanent data destruction. By agreeing to our terms and conditions of sale, delivery and licensing (see below), you confirm that you’ve read and accepted this notice regarding customer data.

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